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The tasks of Youth Jurors before the event, are to:

  • Complete a Participation Form and a Youth Opinion Survey.
  • Complete a questionnaire about personal expectations about the event.
  • Participate in three introductory sessions leading up to the Youth Jury:
    • Be involved in activities to improve the skills that will make Youth Jurors more effective.
    • Discuss the roles of Youth Jurors in this document, and suggest what could be added or changed.
    • Make a group decision about the set of ground rules that all Youth Jurors must follow.
    • Make a group decision about what the Charge for the Youth Jury will be, based upon personal preferences and the results of youth and community surveys.
    • Give suggestions to the project team about how to improve the draft plan for the Youth Jury process.
  • Read background briefs on the Charge, and ask questions if something doesn’t make sense. Make a note of anything that doesn’t match your own experiences.
  • Notify the project team if any further background information is required.

During the event, Youth Jurors have the following tasks:

  • Attend Youth Jury sessions over three days.
  • Participate in small group deliberations:
    • Express own views and opinions, based upon personal experience and reading of background briefs.
    • Think about the views and opinions of other Youth Jurors
    • Respect differences in opinion, and make suggestions for compromise.
    • Decide upon critical questions to ask the Expert Witnesses.
  • Take turns asking questions to expert witnesses.
  • Listen to presentations by expert witnesses in response to questions.
  • Participate in small group deliberations based on what the expert witnesses said.
  • Make suggestions about possible solutions to the Charge, and listen to suggestions by other Youth Jurors.
  • Come together as a large group to
    • share the findings of each small group (presented by one or more members of each small group)
    • move towards a set of views and opinions about the Charge, that all Youth Jurors are willing to endorse.
  • Contribute to the creation of recommendations about what the Youth Jury believes are the issues and the solutions. These recommendations form the basis of the Youth Jury Report.

After the event is completed, Youth Jurors have the following tasks:

  • Participate in the final press conference where the recommendations of the Youth Jury will be presented.
  • Be photographed as a group.
  • Be interviewed and be individually photographed for the media.
  • Complete a questionnaire about personal satisfaction with the Youth Jury event.
  • Complete a Youth Opinion Survey about cultural diversity in the Parramatta area.
  • (Optional:) Be involved in promoting the Youth Jury’s recommendations, to help turn them into reality.