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This is only a draft process plan. The actual process and issues to be discussed in the Youth Jury will be determined in consultation with stakeholders, taking into account your responses to our community survey. The entire project will be overseen by a representative group of stakeholders on the Project Steering Committee.

Steps Leading up to the Youth Jury

  1. Selection of 25 participants between 16 and 17 years old, from the Parramatta district. All young people are welcome to apply, and we will advertise the Youth Jury widely. The successful applicants will be randomly selected to represent the cultural and socio-economic diversity of Parramatta society.
  2. Community stakeholders will be invited to express their concerns in relation to the project theme of 'the impacts of cultural diversity'. This will include surveys of young people and community organizations in the Parramatta area. The survey findings are critically important to give the Jurors a greater understanding of this theme.
  3. The Jurors will discuss the theme, and nominate three dominant issues they want to focus on during the Youth Jury. Based on these issues, the Jurors will define the Charge: a central question which is the focus of the Youth Jury.
  4. A background-briefing document focusing on issues related to the Charge, will be prepared with input from stakeholders, experts, and the Project Team. The Jurors will use this document to help them assess the Charge. At the same time, a group of guest speakers and Expert Witnesses will be invited to address the Youth Jury regarding the Charge.
  5. In the lead-up to the Youth Jury, the panel of Jurors will form into sub-groups to identify and prioritise their values and reach agreement upon ground rules. This will help focus the proceedings of the Youth Jury. They will also participate in further information sessions and role playing exercises, to gain important skills such as argument mapping, consensus building and strategic questioning.

Sample Three Day Youth Jury Process:

(Note this sample agenda is meant to illustrate how Youth Juries typically operate. The Agenda for this Youth Jury will be further developed with input from the Project Steering Committee and Jurors themselves).

Day 1: Introductory Session and Commencement of Youth Jury Activities

  • Overview of Youth Jury aims.
  • Guest speakers give a general introduction to the event and its significance.
  • Initial deliberation by Jurors and formulation of questions for Expert Witnesses.
  • Expert Witnesses give presentations for and against the Charge, and respond to strategic questioning by the Jurors.
  • Jurors work in facilitated sub-groups to deliberate on the information presented by the Expert Witnesses, and compare it to their prior experiences and understanding.

Day 2: Continuation of Youth Jury Activities

  • Jurors briefly reflect on the outcomes of the first day, and how their understanding of the topic has changed.
  • Jurors continue to deliberate on remaining aspects of the Charge, and formulate further questions for Expert Witnesses.
  • Jurors hear additional Expert Witness presentations.
  • The sub-groups join together to share current understandings and opinions on the Charge.
  • Exploration of conflict between points of view, to prepare for consensus building.

Day 3: Conclusion of Youth Jury Activities

  • Jurors undertake final deliberation on all issues raised during the Youth Jury.
  • Jurors work towards consensus to formulate preliminary recommendations in response to the Charge.
  • The Youth Jury's draft report is developed with the assistance of the Project Team.
  • A press conference is held to highlight the main preliminary outcomes of the Youth Jury.
  • The report will be finalised in consultation with key stakeholders following the Youth Jury process. This report will be delivered to the Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, and distributed widely amongst the media.